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Robo Rampage 橫行機械

遊戲類型 : 射擊遊戲 Shooting Game

遊戲玩法 : 鍵盤 Keyboard + 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : 玩家扮演受命經前往垃圾星球掃除戰鬥太陽系中最強悍猛烈的機器人。玩家要穿上全副武裝跳進這場人與機器之間的史詩般的戰鬥。你的任務是摧毀永無休止攻擊而來的機器人軍隊,把他們變成一堆垃圾。拿起巨大的武器摧毀敵人,不斷的升級武裝,同時要小心 BOSS級的巨大敵人,你的目標將摧毀的機械敵人堆成一座最高的鐵山。你願意迎接這個挑戰嗎?

You have travelled to Planet Junk to battle the fiercest robots in the solar system. Take charge of your heavily armed RoboMe in an epic battle between man and machine. Your mission is to turn the never-ending robot army back into a pile of junk. Pick up massive guns, upgrades and awards as you pile up defeated robots in your mission to build the tallest Kill Hill. Will you rise to the challenge?



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