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箱子頭之積木殭屍惡夢 Box Head The Nightmare遊戲類型 : 射擊遊戲 Shooting Game

遊戲玩法 : 鍵盤 Keyboard + 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : Box Head The Nightmare 箱子頭之積木殭屍惡夢這個遊戲的目的,就是 建構防線, 並且殺光蜂擁而來所有的殭屍、惡魔等怪物,玩家除了本身所攜帶的武器以外,還可以購買防線的設備,來加強防守的能力,玩家也可以用賺來的金幣購買,升級武器與自己本身的能力,有許多不同的怪物會出現唷! 玩家也有不少種武器,可以使用來 殺死這些怪物。

The objective is simple: Kill all the baddies, Zombies through to the Devil.

To unlock new battlefields, characters, and weaponry. Most have specific requirements like "reach wave six of battlefield X"

Kill as many enemies as quickly as possible with one shot to increase the Multiplier. As the Multiplier increases you gain more Boins and that will let you upgrade your weapons. So play Forest Run to collect all the Boins. But be quick because the Boins will disappear after a while.



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