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Bunny Flags 2 兔子奪旗 2

Bunny Flags 2 兔子奪旗 2遊戲類型 : 戰略遊戲 Strategic Game

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse + 鍵盤 Keyboard

遊戲說明 : Bunny Flags 2 兔子奪旗 2 是個即時戰略類型的遊戲,在沉默了一段時間之後,大拇哥武裝部隊,又再度的集結起來了,這次他們有著12種以上的不同類型,我們的武裝兔子特別行動小組,一共有5個成員,並有13種不同的武器與11中不同的設施,來對抗一波波而來的敵人,玩家要使用鍵盤操作,桌面戰場上的兔子移動,並使用滑鼠射擊敵人 或是 佈置不同的設備,以阻擋敵人的前進,防止敵人搶到旗子,並將旗子帶走。

After a year of silence, Handies forces have gathered around Ogra Grump, Bully Madison and Creepy Simon's houses and we need your help. Our intelligence report that over 12 different kind of foes are found within those walls, Tanks, Rocket Kamikazes, Stickies and Hadukens, among others). We have prepared a special team of 5 bunnies, 13 weapons and 11 equipments to arm you and attack them. Also, our army will be at your disposal to bring you support, just call us and will build towers or call in support through Chopper Gunner, Bombardier, Paratroopers, among others.



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