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Acorn Story 橡樹果實的故事

Acorn Story 橡樹果實的故事遊戲說明 : 這是個具有原創畫面風格的有趣解謎冒險故事 這是個很好的故事 故事內容是 有個小孩子種下了一棵橡子 這個橡子長成了一顆神奇的橡樹 但是有一天這個小孩子發現橡子神祕的失蹤了 你可以幫助他找回這棵橡子嗎

Discover a magical story about a young boy and beloved acorn, that mysteriously disappeared!
Acorn story is great platformer game with original graphic. The story is excellent as well, it's about little boy who planted a seed and it has grown to magical acorn tree. But one day the acorn has dissapeard. Help little boy and find it.



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