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Zombotron 2 - Time Machine 殭屍星球 2 時光機遊戲說明 : Zombotron 2 - Time Machine 殭屍星球 2 時光機,是個畫面很漂亮的射擊冒險遊戲,不論是人物的操作動作,射擊的動作都有很順暢的感覺,畫面的背景以及通道內的擺設及物品,看起來也很有質感,燈 光、煙霧、各種火花以及爆炸也都很漂亮,是個值得一玩的遊戲。

Time travel is totally possible. All you have to do is play Zombotron 2: Time Machine and 10 hours from now, you'll wonder where your day went. Explore a zombified planet to find fuel for your spaceship, but beware: Who knows what evil lurks deep in the heart of this alien world? Well, actually, we know. It's zombies.



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