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遊戲類型 : 益智遊戲 Puzzle Game 

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : 這是個考驗玩家記憶力的遊戲 畫面很不錯 在這個遊戲中 玩家必需先仔細看著火燄燒灼的軌跡 然後使用滑鼠點擊火燒過的位置 操作火龍斯皮呦隨著軌跡重新的走過一遍 才能夠成功的過關

This Game is testing the player's memory. In this game. the player must first carefully look at the trajectory of the flame burning. And then, using the mouse click to set fire to the position. Operating Spyros track the flames re-walk again. Watch Spyros path of fire, then click the blocks to match his path.  This game is played with mouse only.



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遊戲類型 : 射擊遊戲 Shooting Game

遊戲玩法 : 鍵盤 Keyboard

遊戲說明 :  這是個畫面很不錯的 橫捲軸射擊遊戲 玩家使用鍵盤操作 火龍 一邊飛行閃避敵人 一邊吐火球攻擊敵人 很有速度感的遊戲 操作方式 可以看 HOW TO PLAY 有詳細的鍵盤對應說明

You are Spyro and have to fly through each level shooting down the enemies which are in your way.
Use his breath of fire or his powerful lightning attack to take down the enemies.



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