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The Great Siege 巨大投石器

The Great Siege 巨大投石器遊戲類型 : 戰略遊戲 Strategic Game

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 :  這是個資源生產 與射擊結合的遊戲 玩家必需使用一個巨大的投石器來守護整個王國與鄉鎮 一波波的敵人會陸續來攻 消滅敵人會得到資源 可以用來建設王國或是改進投石器 也可以生產戰鬥部隊來協助防守 利用滑鼠拉動投石器的彈著點 鬥可以準確的消滅來犯的敵人

The Great Siege 巨大投石器The Great Siege 巨大投石器

Friends and comrades, my brothers! The Dark Lord has sent his minions upon our city to end the last surviving bonds of humanity. We cannot let our city fall into the wrath of darkness and watch our home fade into another shadow of abyss. Brothers of humanity! Let’s load up our cannons, fire up our catapult, and let us march through the gates and send those filthy devils besieging our home back to where they belong!!



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