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Relic of War 戰爭的遺跡

Relic of War 戰爭的遺跡遊戲類型 : 戰略遊戲 Strategic Game

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : Relic of War 戰爭的遺跡是一個即時性的戰略遊戲,遊戲的畫風很可愛,玩家可以選擇德軍或是美軍的陣營,重現二次大戰的戰場,玩家要招募不同的兵種,一路上消滅敵人,佔領建築物,催毀敵人的設備,出發攻擊敵人的總部,並在每一回合過關後,升級不同兵種的能力。

The year is 1947 and The Great War never ended. A powerful ancient relic has been uncovered! Now, twisted experiments and giant war machines walk the battlefield...forever changing the face of war! Relic of War is a strategy game set in an alternate 1940's timeline. Train your soldiers, unlock new technology, and command your troops to victory!



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