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Rail Rush 2 淘金礦車 2

Rail Rush 2 淘金礦車 2遊戲說明 : Rail Rush 2 淘金礦車 2 是個 3D 跑酷類型的街機遊戲,你身處在一輛高速奔馳在地底礦坑軌道上的採礦車,這個古老的地底礦坑,有著許多交錯綜橫的礦坑隧道,以及錯綜複雜的軌道系統,這些軌 道的長短不一, 許多軌道都是只有一小段的長度就斷裂了,由於你的軌道車沒有煞車的系統, 所以你必須小心謹慎的使用鍵盤上的 左右鍵, 靠著搖擺你的身體,讓快速前進的軌道車能夠跳躍在各個軌道之間,持續的前進,不至於跌落到軌道外的深坑之中。

Rail Rush 2 3D is a runner arcade game. Get in your wagon body and race in highspeed along in-ground rails. Try to take the trolley to the end of the mine to collect as many gold nuggets and bonuses. On the way to try to avoid the obstacles in the form of fencing and broken rails. As a gold digger it's your option to collect as much valuably golden nuggets as you can.



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