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奇奇怪界遊戲說明 : 奇奇怪界是個很懷念的SFC時代的遊戲,畫面十分的可愛,玩家要操作主角小夜以及小獾熊,掃除路上碰到的各種來自於日本著名的神話及傳說中的妖怪,遊戲中 的妖怪也都畫的十分可愛,遊戲的背景是古代的日本,遊戲的背景音樂也十分的好聽,如果以前沒有玩過,不妨試看看這個好玩的遊戲,玩過的人也可以懷念一下以 前玩遊戲的時光。

KiKi KaiKai (奇々怪界?, lit. "Mysterious Ghost World") is a shoot 'em up developed and published by Taito Corporation originally for Japanese arcades in 1986. Since then, the game has received a number of console and home computer ports in and outside Japan, both as a stand-alone title and as part of compilations. The game originally saw a limited release in North American and European arcades as Knight Boy, a bootleg copy of the original Japanese version not officially licensed by Taito.



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