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Meet the Octo 遇見奧克脫

Meet the Octo 遇見奧克脫是個有趣的益智遊戲遊戲說明 : Meet the Octo 遇見奧克脫是個有趣的益智遊戲,可愛的奧克脫將會遇到一些小小的麻煩,玩家要運用智慧協助奧克脫通過重重的關卡,玩家要使用滑鼠幫助奧克脫行動,關卡都很簡單,不同的關卡有不同的挑戰及過關條件,畫面也很可愛,動動腦筋是不錯的好玩遊戲。

Ready to be octo-puzzled? Meet the Octo is a funny puzzle games. it contain many different types little game. such as nmber game, hidden object game,puzzle game etc. each game is simple, easy, but funny. can be finish in short time. it's good for killing time.



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