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Chat Noir 圍住小貓

黒猫を囲い込むゲーム。遊戲說明 : Chat Noir 圍住小貓是個可愛有趣的簡單遊戲,遊戲的目的很簡單,就是把畫面中的黑色小貓給擋住,不要讓小貓跑出畫面外,看起來簡單,但作起來可是要花點心思喔! 不然就會看見小貓輕輕巧巧的躲過你的圍困,靈活的跑到畫面之外。

Chat Noir is a simple and funny game. look easy but not quit so easy. the goal is how to stop the cat running out. every time you click a green circle. it will become dark and solid to block the way. in the meantime the cat will move its own position. can you success to stop the cat?



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