Liquid 2 液體 2

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Liquid 2 液體 2遊戲說明 : Liquid 2 液體 2 是個有趣的遊戲 玩家要使用 左與右兩個方向鍵 或是 A與D兩個按鍵 控制畫面 左右轉動 遊戲的目的是 將畫面中 白色的液體 成功的流動到收集的位置 就會在右下角出現進到下一關的箭頭按鈕

Description :

Have you ever laughed so hard milk came out of your ears? That's not normal? Well, excuse us, Mr. Only Sparkling Cider Comes Out of My Ears. In Liquid 2, you must navigate a milky substance through mazes more intricate than an ear canal. Rotate and splash your way through this physics-based puzzle game, and don't leave any droplets behind. You don't want swimmer's ear.

Control :

Press A or D to roll left or right.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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