Dora's Pony Adventure Game 朵拉的賽馬冒險

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Dora's Pony Adventure Game 朵拉的賽馬冒險

遊戲說明 : 朵拉的遊戲系列是提供兒童學習語文的好遊戲 讓我們騎著馬參加賽馬大賽吧 幫助朵拉挑選可愛的小馬 同時好好的刷刷毛 讓小馬喝喝水 吃吃胡蘿蔔 光光亮亮精精神神的 參加賽馬大會衝過終點的彩帶吧

Let's ride in the big horse show! Pick Pinto or another pony; get him ready by feeding, grooming, & saddling him up, then take off and race for the first place ribbon!

Dora wants to race in the big horse show, but she needs your help getting her pony ready. Players can pick one of four ponies to race. After a pony is selected, gamers can click on items in the stable to feed it, groom it with a brush, and then saddle it up so Dora can get ready to go for a ride.

During the race players can steer the pony using their up and down arrow keys, run the pony faster by pressing the right arrow, and jump over obstacles by pressing the space bar. Roll over apples to give the pony an energy boost for the homestretch. Collect as many horseshoes as possible to win a ribbon at the end of the race.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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