Ski Safari 滑雪大冒險

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Ski Safari 滑雪大冒險遊戲說明 : Ski Safari 滑雪大冒險是個很有趣緊張刺激的跑酷類績分遊戲 主角 思文 正舒服的在小木屋裡睡覺  突然雪山 發生雪崩了 主角驚醒之後 就要馬上開始逃命 玩家要使用滑鼠左鍵或是鍵盤上的空白鍵 協助主角在高速滑行時 跳越路上的障礙物 逃命的路上還有許多的其他動物 例如企鵝 也會跟主角配合一起逃命 不要讓後面追來的雪淹沒了

Sven was having a nice nap when his mountain home started to rumble. Uh-oh, an avalanche! Now he's having the ski trip of a lifetime - a ski safari, in fact. Keep ahead of the rapidly advancing avalanche by riding a variety of animals, from penguins to Yetis and more. Each animal can help in different ways, and if you're lucky you might even find a snowmobile to aid in your escape from a frosty death!

Do backflips to gain a quick boost. Complete achievements to level Sven up and increase your score multiplier.

Control :


or Keyboard : Space or Up Key to Jump, hold to backflip


Ski Safari Google Play Link   遊戲的連結 :  Ski Safari

Ski Safari iOS iTunes Link     遊戲的連結 :  Ski Safari

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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It's really Cool!! And Fast !!! Great Game !!!
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真喜歡這個遊戲 一路向下衝 速度感真的很棒 !! 加油
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