Forest Guardians 森林保護者

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遊戲說明 : Forest Guardians 森林保護者是一個畫面很漂亮的守城/守路類型的遊戲 一共有27闗 玩家必須操作主角移動到路上白色花朵的地方 長成各種守護植物 攻擊進攻而來的一波波攻勢 每一個守護植物 可以無限制的組合七種ECO(精華組合球體)增強防護能力 每一種守護植物都有自己特殊的能力 敵人也不是只能前進攻擊 還可以組隊 或是互相治療 產生幫手 偷竊友軍的生命力等等

Description :

Forest Guardians is a Tower Defense RPG game with 27 unique levels. As you advance, enemies in this game don't simply run through the level. They may team up to heal one another, increase speed during attacks, spawn helpers, transform, or even selfishly steal the health of their allies. Likewise building your tower is just the start of setting up your defense. Each tower can be augmented indefinitely with seven different ECOs (Essence Combined orbs), each of which has it's own special abilities. If towers aren't enough, faeries are also there to help you along. And there is a detailed path upgrade system for elevating each “guardian” to tower defense domination. It's a whole new tower defense.

Controls :

WASD - Movement (Can be changed in settings)

Mouse - Menus interaction

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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Thanks, this site is very handy.
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