Zombo Buster 僵屍殺手

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遊戲說明 : Zombo Buster 僵屍殺手是個樓層電梯類型的戰略遊戲,一開始的時候,玩家只有一個樓層以及一個可以容納三個人空間的電梯,殭屍會由樓層的另一端 一波波的出現。



Description :

Destroy the Zombies

Being a Zombie Buster isn't and easy task, take a stand against the hordes of zombies making their way through your building. Deploy your units on each floor to hold them off, upgrade your units to become even stronger and use your power up to blast them to pieces.

Initially, all you have is one elevator where your soldiers will appear that you have to swap back and forth between different floors to manage each wave of zombies, but you can spend cash to unlock new elevators to place soldiers in as well.

Which makes no sense. Because how are zombies getting on higher floors if you have the only elevator access? If they're already up there, then what's the point in defending the lower levels?

Haven't we already lost? Who are we paying for use of new elevators, and isn't it in their best interest to give them to us for free?

CURSE YOU DENNIS HOPPER! Just make sure to hold the line... how many zombies get through influences the number of gems you receive, which are spent on permanent upgrades to classes between levels. You can also earn gems for completing certain achievements.

Controls :

- Mouse – Action
- Space – Next Wave
- S – Swap / Quick deploy
- P - Pause


Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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