Garden Gnome Carnage 耶誕精靈防衛戰

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遊戲說明 : 這是個簡單的遊戲,耶誕節來了,聖誕老人以及耶誕小精靈,試圖要將禮物送進大樓,玩家要使用左右兩個方向鍵,移動整棟大樓,甩動綁著彈跳繩的綠衣主角,並用空白鍵控制彈回的繩索,靠著伸縮長短的繩索旋轉晃動綠衣主角,將試圖靠近大樓的聖誕老人雪橇以及攀爬大樓的小精靈,一一擊落。


 Bah humbug! Santa's elves are coming to deliver presents to your house. Stop them reaching the chimney! Swing your garden gnome around on a bungee cord to smash Santa's helpers out of the sky and toss explosive bricks to cause even more mayhem. Airstrikes, minigames, magic cats and a plethora of hidden features await in this bonkers brick-em-up!


 Controls: Steer house: [LEFT] and [RIGHT] cursor keys Grab/throw bricks: [SPACE] Call air strike: [SHIFT] Brickopalypse: Hold [DOWN] cursor key Advance level: [UP] cursor key (allows player to skip early, easy levels of the game up to level 20) Pause game: [ESC] Minigame controls: Press [SHIFT] when the WHOPEE! bar is filled to access the minigame. Use the cursor keys to move the princess. View the PROTIPS (displayed while the game is paused) to find out more hidden techniques.

Control Scheme:
 fire: space
movement: right left

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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