Square Meal 方塊巨食獸

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Square Meal 方塊巨食獸遊戲說明 : Square Meal 方塊巨食獸是個 Pac-Man 小精靈類型的迷宮遊戲,你要使用鍵盤操作一個四方形的魔法小怪獸-巨石怪,這個可愛的小怪獸有著一張大嘴,可以將所有的東西都吞進肚子中。
In Square Meal, you play a cute boxy monster trying to escape from a sinister dungeon. A magic little monsters, lovely big mouth can swallow anything. you have to clear each level of enemies and escape the dungeon!
there are a number of different monsters patrolling each of the 50 levels, as well as floor spikes, exploding blocks, slippery patches, and other hazards. Using the arrow keys, move around each level and use the spacebar to swallow all of the enemies.
There are a number of different types of blocks available to swallow and shoot. In addition to the normal gray blocks that behave quite predictably, there are also brown blocks that disintegrate when they hit something, blue slow blocks that lose momentum more quickly, green rubber blocks that will bounce off of things (be careful of the rebound!), and black bomb blocks that give you a short countdown and then explode.
The normal gray blocks are usually the best to use—they can't kill you, they don't disappear once used, and they travel quickly. Really, all you need is one of these per level, but you are usually given much more than that.
The game can choose two-mode, you and your friends eliminating other monsters. Have Fun!
How to Play:
Single mode: the arrow keys to control direction, space bar to eat.
Double mode: Players 1, the arrow keys to control direction, space bar to eat. Players 2, WASD control direction, Ctrl keys to eat.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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