Zombie Hordes 僵屍部落

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Zombie Hordes 僵屍部落遊戲說明 : 這是一款僵屍類型的遊戲 玩家要控制一個僵屍的部落 防衛自己的墓園領域 防止人類侵入這個範圍 給所有進入這個領域的人類一個致命的教訓 告訴人類想開聖誕舞會就到別的地方去開 別到殭屍的墓園來 玩家要使用滑鼠控制殭屍群移動 攻擊看得到的人類 玩家殺死人類後可以把他們的屍體轉變成為殭屍 不過一開始玩家能夠控制的殭屍群的數量有限 可以控制的殭屍也比較弱 玩家可以透過收集金錢來進行升級 將殭屍群的數量以及能力加強起來 對抗更強大的人類部隊

Description :

A zombie game with a twist. This time you're controlling the horde of zombies to defend your graveyard against the human intruders. Teach the humans to go party somewhere else!

Christmas celebration is coming! But when people are immersing in the laughters and lights, the zombie hordes are secretly starting their attacks. This is the war between zombies and human beings, a war that is crucial to the existence of the mankind. This will either be the end of the world, or the beginning of the new millennium. In this game, instead of being a righteous solider, you will be a zombie leader breaking into the human territory, assimilating the human beings, expanding your zombie troops and rule the world. Can you?

Controls :

Mouse. Instructions in-game.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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這遊戲很好玩耶! 帶著一群殭屍到處作亂 真有趣
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