Youda Mystery - The Stanwick Legacy 尤達之謎 史坦威遺產

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Youda Mystery - The Stanwick Legacy 尤達之謎 史坦威遺產遊戲說明 : Youda Mystery - The Stanwick Legacy 尤達之謎 史坦威遺產是個 Hidden Objects 畫面尋寶類型的遊戲,遊戲的畫面很精緻漂亮,這樣的遊戲用來學英文單字也很不錯,當你成為史坦威家族最後的繼承人之後,你同時也繼承了一間古老的巨大豪宅,你決定仔細得重新開啟這扇古老豪宅的大門,重新探查你曾祖父留下的線索,找尋那些隱藏在這些腐朽家具與重重灰塵掩蓋下的家族傳統與神秘的秘密。


雖然不知道為什麼劇情一定要安排這樣陰森詭異的夜晚去探查一座這麼神秘的古老豪宅,這不是專門要嚇死自己的冒險嗎? 不過劇情既然這樣安排,遊戲也就這樣的開始吧! 遊戲十分貼心的在畫面的左下角有一本筆記本會紀錄你在豪宅中探險的重要線索歷程,筆記中還有一張房間的地圖供你參考,你在找尋物件中還會找到一些過關需要的物品,例如門把就可以拖拉到沒有門把的門上安裝。


Description :

You have the right to know!

Re-explore the decaying family manor your grew up in to find the true legacy and discover what mysterious secrets your great-grandfather had to hide!

After inheriting the enormous mansion you, the last heir of the Stanwick family, decide to investigate the place. Strange light through the windows, heartbeat sounds and odd piping systems trigger a surprising exploration.

Memories allow you to open secret locks to advance through the house. Did her grandfather leave enough clues for you to reveal the real Stanwick Legacy?

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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How long was the longest dream you had? Mine was 25 years.
It was so long and depressing that It left like reality and throughout all that time I because a convicted criminal and sentenced to death and prayed that this was all a dream and it actually was. Woke up now and it feels like I just escaped an alternate reality rather than dream.
So tell me... show more I dont dream anymore. I face my reality since I left high school. I know reality sucks. People sucks. But that is the way you learn to be mature.
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Love the site-- really user friendly and lots to see!
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