Castaway Island TD 投擲之島 塔防

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遊戲說明 : 這是個混合類型的遊戲 角色冒險加上塔防守路類型的遊戲 玩家要使用鍵盤上的WASD按鍵移動主角 並按下空白鍵利用島上的樹木 建設不同的防守塔台 防止敵人的進攻 當敵人被防守的塔台打倒時 就會有金幣出現 玩家要移動主角去收集金幣 玩家要穿越整個島嶼上一共有30個關卡的挑戰

Description :

This Castaway spin-off combines real-time adventure with the strategy of tower defense games to create a new hybrid genre.


- Control the hero from the Castaway series, as he builds towers to defend his island against waves of enemies\r\n- Travel an island with 30 levels spread across 5 unique environments

- Select one of 3 pets with special abilities to assist you\r\n- Pets will evolve into a stronger ally\r\n- 6 towers with 3 upgrades each

- Collect gems and customize towers to give them elemental properties
- 8 traps to be unlocked
- Earn stat points that can be used to customize your character any way you'd like
- Battle against 8 epic bosses
- 14 various achievements to be earned
- Beautiful custom music

Controls :

W,A,S,D/Arrow keys - Move around
Space Bar - Interact with trees/towers
1-8 - Trap hot-keys

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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