The Last Castle 最後的城堡

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遊戲說明 : The Last Castle 最後的城堡這個遊戲中,玩家要堅守帝國最後一座城堡,抵擋來勢洶洶的一波坡敵人的攻擊,這個遊戲也可以跟你的朋友多人一起連線來玩,遊戲的目標是盡可能的堅守城堡 越久越好,玩家要使用滑鼠以及鍵盤,滑鼠選擇角色,鍵盤選擇角色的動作,控制三個不同的角色,戰士、法師 以及 遊俠,這三個角色都有自己的攻擊方式,玩家要善用他們的獨特之處,在戰場上存活下來,每一波的攻勢之後,都會透過取得的經驗值來升級新的技能與屬性。

The Last Castle 最後的城堡Description
The Last Castle of the Empire is under attack! Join your friends in this Multiplayer Coop Defense game and survive for as long as possible. Gain XP, select new skills and stats and try new strategies every game! As you progress, waves gets harder and harder.

Control the Warrior, the Wizard or the Rogue. Each character is unique and needed on the battlefield to survive for a long time. Try them all!

** Important **
Since this game is online, we cannot account for everyone's internet speed. You might experience some lag. We are sorry for any problem you might encounter due to that.

Press the buttons on the action bar to move / attack. Its even better to use the shortcuts associated to these buttons.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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