Storm Winds v1.1 要塞防禦砲塔戰

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遊戲說明 : 要塞防禦砲塔戰,好玩喔! 在你的要塞上有三個砲座,你可以購買不同的武器來佈置, 當然你必需先賺到足夠的錢才可以,在遊戲中你要購買,升級和售賣你的武器裝備,而且要控制他們保衛你的基地!使用滑鼠操作砲塔,要變換操作的砲塔只要使用滑鼠一點就可以了,

一開始有2000塊 ,在右邊買炮放到左邊炮塔上,然後點擊控制發炮或機關鎗掃射,調整角度,爭取盡快殲滅敵人賺到錢,只要用滑鼠將砲塔拉到修理的符號方格上就可以修理炮塔,買更好的武器。你能否升級到最高並守護住你的炮台呢?


Description :

StormWinds places the player in a steampunk setting, facing a massive invasion of airships and other flying contraptions. A blend between a tower defense game and a shooter, you must choose your defenses then use them personally to gain victory.

This game is by far Hero Interactive's largest to date- over 10 people had a hand in the game at some stage in development.

We've also upped what is offered to those who purchase the extra content for $5 USD. Players who make the purchase now get access to 2 new campaigns, new weapons, new enemies, a new boss, new challenge missions (as they come out), and cheat codes. In addition, when the beta of Bubble Tanks 2 is released, extra content purchasers will be invited to join in!

A big thank you to everyone who supported the game, gave great feedback, and helped to bring this better version online!

Controls :

Tutorial is available on the first campaign.

Hotkeys can be reconfigured through the settings menu option. Press 'P' to pause. Game automatically saves after each level so you can easily come back later.


Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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Fantastic web site you've going here.
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