Starlight 2 星光2

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遊戲說明 :  你可曾看著滿天的星斗 想像著不同的星星 連結成各種奇妙的型狀 這個遊戲正好可以滿足你對滿天星斗的幻想 玩家使用滑鼠轉動天空中的一群星星 每一個關卡 都可以轉動星星讓星星之間出現連結的線 當這些星星移動到正確的位置時 星星之間連結的線會形成一些特別的形狀 玩家可以自己編輯關卡的圖型 還可以透過網路看看別的玩家所創造出來的圖型


There's only you and a night sky full of stars. Turn your imagination on and find out what pictures are hidden between the stars!

Starlight 2 is here, with almost twice more levels that in original game.

You've asked for challenge? Two new gameplay modes are there to satisfy those who aren't looking for easy ways.

And now you can create your own constellations too! Check out built-in levels editor (with video tutorial). And don't forget to share your creation with others!


Use your mouse to rotate the stars.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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