Cake Pirate 蛋糕海盜

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遊戲說明 : 有一艘海盜船 停在海口 沿著河道派進許多的小兵 要搶奪河道末端蛋糕機械所生產出來的蛋糕 玩家要將蛋糕機械 生產出來的蛋糕賣掉換錢 然後 沿著河道建設起防禦的建築 阻止海盜的兵團 接近 生產蛋糕的蛋糕機械

Cake Pirate is a really good tower defense game where your mission is to defend against and evil Pirate lord and his minion creatures as they try to capture your land! Build various towers and invent special cake recipes to improve tower abilites. There is up to 20 recipes, 8 upgrade skills and 20 achievements to unlock! Use your MOUSE to play, use WASD to scroll around the map

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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