SteamBirds 暴風鳥戰機

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遊戲說明 : 這是個蠻特別的射擊遊戲 玩家在地圖上使用滑鼠拖拉飛機的航向以及速度 然後按下開始 讓飛機進行一回合距離的飛行 像這樣一回合一回合的飛行與戰鬥 將空中的敵機一一擊落


SteamBirds is an exciting aerial-dogfighting action/strategy game that you can pick up in seconds. \r\n\r\nFrom a top-down perspective you manage your squadron of aircraft and take on growing numbers of enemies -- complete with boss fights, special abilities, powerups, and lots of flashy explosions!\r\n\r\nSteambirds is that latest game from the all-star development team of Andy Moore, Daniel Cook, and DannyB, whose credits include Fantastic Contraption, Canabalt, Super Meat Boy and Bunni.


Completely Mouse Driven. Click on things with Gold Circles!

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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