Talesworth Arena 神鬼競技場

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遊戲說明 : 這是一款RPG的遊戲  玩家必需由三個角色中選擇一個來扮演  玩家可以直接在畫面上選擇進入競技場 挑戰 戰勝後會得到經驗與金幣 金幣可以購買新的技能 經驗到了會出現 Boss 的選項 打敗Boss後就可以升級 戰鬥是採用即時的一對一作戰的模式 玩家所擁有的攻擊方式都會列出來 綠燈亮的時候表示可以用來攻擊 用來攻擊後需要一段時間回復才能再使用 同一個時間也只可以使用一個技能


Training - 訓練場: 可以學習新的招數
Arena - 競技場: 戰鬥l打怪練級
Tavern - 酒館: 接新的任務,卸下物品裝備
Bazaar - 買賣市場: 買賣物品裝備

Talesworth Arena,  is an RPG with a strong focus on one-on-one combat and a cool industrial fantasy setting. Choose one of three characters — Engineer, Psionic, or Juggernaut — and battle your way through 10 levels of deadly gladiators. The combat system will be familiar to anyone who has played World of Warcraft or similar MMORPGS. Your weapons and techniques each take the form of a clickable button, with its own casting delay and recharge period. Just click on the buttons with appropriate timing to defeat your opponent. The cash you win can be traded at the Training Center for new combat moves, or at the Bazaar for magical stat-enhancing artifacts.

What makes Talesworth noteworthy is the finely-balanced puzzle aspect to the gameplay. After the first level, which acts as a training period, you'll face opponents with deadly techniques that will wreck you if you let them resolve. You'll have to arm yourself with moves that can interrupt and cancel the incoming pummeling. Of course, your foes will start showing up with interrupts to cancel out your own killer moves. Each battle becomes an intriguing web of tempo, reflexes, and strategy. And right when you think you've got the game figured out, watch what the 2nd boss does to your battle grid.

Analysis: Talesworth Arena has top-quality production, with gorgeous character portraits and music that sets the mood perfectly. I would have liked a wider selection of sound effects in battle, though, and I hope that the sequel includes some animation. A simple but well-written plotline and a handful of side quests round out the package.

The engineer is probably the easiest character to start with, since he gets a hair-trigger interrupt move right away, and the first version of Talesworth was balanced around him. You think you can make it to the end and defeat Klax, the Arena Master? Better polish up that flame-thrower! And remember: don't blow your money at the Bazaar until you're sure you've got all the training you need.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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