Metal Slug 3 越南大戰3

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遊戲說明:《越南大戰》系列遊戲為 SNK 於自家的大型電玩平台 MVS 的知名橫向捲軸 2D 動作遊戲,遊戲中人物及背景圖像皆為精緻手繪的Q版漫畫風格,充滿著各式各樣的趣味及幽默,並具備單純卻刺激的遊戲性,自發售以來,相當受到玩家的喜愛!

Description :

Metal Slug 3 is the fourth installment in the Metal Slug series, following Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. Marco and Tarma are back to blast their way through another action-packed adventure, picking up various weapons along the way. The Slugs are also back and more colorful than ever, with Slugmariners, Drill Slugs and Elephant Slugs joining the original Metal Slugs and Slugnoids. As with previous titles, there are hidden items to be found and POWs to be rescued, while a branching map lets players take a different route to the end with each play-through.

You are in the desert. Kill all enemy soldiers before the get you! Drive around in your tank, shoot lasers at soldiers and blow away tanks with your cannon.


Use the arrow key to move. Press A to shoot, S to jump and D to launch a grenade.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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