Sprouts Adventure  成長歷險

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遊戲說明 : 這是個畫面很精緻漂亮的遊戲 玩家使用滑鼠拖拉畫面上的小花精 將他們拉到畫面上會隨機出現的花朵 蝴蝶以及寶石上 可以得到隨機的獎勵 將小花精拉到黑黑的難看雜草上 則會自動除草 除完草後也會有獎勵

一開始畫面上只有一塊田地 以及一顆足球 將小花精拉到花田上 就會自動耕作 然後使用 雨水的符文去澆水 再使用陽光的符文去照射田地 要注意 陽光的符文只能在白天使用喔 當完成後 田中就會長出花朵 這是小花精們的食物

接著小花精們會發明一些建築物 只要將小花精拉到這些建築物上就會自動的施工 完成後就可以有一些功能可以讓小花精們使用 每個小花精都有四個屬性 要靠食物 玩具 以及會隨機出現的花朵或寶石等等道具來補充


Welcome to the wonderful world of Sprouts! Sprouts are adorable creatures that have fallen upon desperate times. They need your help to thrive in their once great land!

Only a few Sprouts remain and they are summoning 'The Great One' to help them in this time of need! Use your powers to guide them in returning to their once peaceful and prosperous existence.

Fulfill wishes, help them invent wonderful toys to play with and assist them in rebuilding their amazing land! The happier you can keep your Sprouts, the more productive their community will be! Become the deity you always dreamed you could be in Sprouts Adventure!




Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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