Sniper Team 2 狙擊小組2

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Sniper Team 2遊戲說明 : Sniper Team 2 狙擊小組2 是個畫面十分逼真的第一人稱射擊遊戲,跟第一代的 Sniper Team 狙擊小組 一樣,你必須帶領著一個四個人組成的狙擊戰鬥小組,趕赴戰場截擊敵人的進攻,新增加許多不同的任務,阻止敵人的進攻、保護突入戰場的裝甲車等等,都需要你領導你的小組去完成,進入戰場後,你的小組成員會根據自己的專長,分佔不同的戰略要點,敵人會由不同的地方進入並尋求掩蔽,然後攻擊小組的成員。


玩家可以使用 1-4 的數字鍵,切換操作不同的人員,每個人員都攜帶著不同的武器,可以使用Q鍵切換備用的武器,你可以使用 空白鍵切換 瞄準鏡的使用,按 Q 鍵則可以更換武器,按 R 鍵則可以裝填彈藥,

當人員被攻擊的時候 畫面上的頭像會鍵上血滴,當完成任務要求,撐過每一波段的敵人攻擊之後,就可以使用賺到的錢,進入商店購買或升級武器。

Description :

Sniper Team 2 is a military action game that takes being far-sighted to a new level. Have you ever played Sniper team online? And for free? If you enjoyed so much Sniper team games, and you are looking to play more and more. Then fulfilling all mission and learning to handle different kind of situation.

You have to learn how to shoot with sniper guns, and manage to use what your team got to finish and rescue the hostages. Are you accurate enough to scope your enemies from across the map? Take your best headshot.

In Sniper team 2 you will play like in the first Sniper team games with your team. You will have to secure and eliminate the site you were assigned of all threats, that means kill on site all terrorists and rescue all civilians and hostages.

Your team it's formed from 4 people specially selected from you to qualify in this situation. Each soldier is specialized with some kind of weapons. So place them to be able to use their shooting skills without having to risk their lives.

You can play and select your player use a closer combat soldier with guns that have a bigger range of fire. Play as a sniper man and eliminate the terrorists from a safe distance.

Start with the first Mission called Pinned Down. Use mouse to navigate around and shoot. Select from 1,2,3,4 keywords to change from a gun to another. Starting with knives, pistols, machines guns and even sniper guns. Use Q to switch your gun fast when you have to reload. Use E to get air support.

Control :

Use mouse to play the game and shoot.

1,2,3,4 select your gun

Q -switch weapon

E- air support Use space to zoom.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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