Ultimate Tower 無盡塔防

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Ultimate Tower 無盡塔防,是個畫面十分的精緻漂亮的塔防遊戲,而且是個名副其實的塔防遊戲,不同於之前的守路塔防類型的戰略遊戲,Ultimate Tower 無盡塔防就是一座擋在路中央的高塔,所有的防禦設施都建立這座高塔之上,一層層的疊加上去,並且盡量的改善各層的攻擊與防禦力,防禦接踵而來的一波波攻擊。遊戲說明 : Ultimate Tower 無盡塔防,是個畫面十分的精緻漂亮的塔防遊戲,而且是個名副其實的塔防遊戲,不同於之前的守路塔防類型的戰略遊戲,Ultimate Tower 無盡塔防就是一座擋在路中央的高塔,所有的防禦設施都建立這座高塔之上,一層層的疊加上去,並且盡量的改善各層的攻擊與防禦力,防禦接踵而來的一波波攻擊。

跟傳統的守路塔防遊戲一樣, 消滅敵人就可以得到金幣,當金幣足夠的時候, 就可以加蓋一層層新的防禦建築,也可以將兩層相同或是不同的建築合併成為新的組合建築,新的組合建築間可以有新的防禦能力或是新的兵種出現來防禦高塔,地圖上還有一些廢棄的防禦塔等等要地,需要派兵去奪取駐守,可以發揮更大的防禦力量。

在遊戲過關後,會得到一些黑色寶石,可以用來解鎖一些法力技能,可用來在戰鬥中發揮特別的攻擊能力或是特殊效能,可以解所許多個技能, 不過一次只能使用三個技能組合。

games Description :
Ultimate Tower is focused on the development of a single base tower. You construct the buildings in a single stack. and Combine sections to upgrade them and gain new functions. Deploy and command troops to defend target structures and garrison them in auxiliary arrow towers.

Explore and try different strategies to beat the game. Use skill orbs to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Certain building combinations allow you to assemble an Ultimate Tower.

Each level can be played in campaign mode and survival mode. The game features comic-style cutscenes and achievements to earn. A premium package is available with extra content!

Controls :

Use the mouse to navigate and select.

Scroll around the map by clicking and dragging
Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

Select tower sections with the mouse and number hotkeys (1-5).

Click and drag to assign troop rally points and set traps along walkable paths.

Repair your tower by clicking and holding the tower base repair button.

Activate skill orbs during battle by dragging their icons to the target area.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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