Crest Breakout 2 小雞武士突圍 2

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Crest Breakout 2 小雞武士突圍 2遊戲說明 : Crest Breakout 2 小雞武士突圍 2 是Crest Breakout 小雞武士突圍的第二部份續集,延續第一集的故事,在上一集的故事中,小雞靠著你的機智與智慧的協助, 成功的逃脫爭取到盼望已久的自由之後,開始面對新的挑戰,在這些新的挑戰關卡中,通過關卡是你的目標, 取得路上的寶石則是你的目的, 你要使用滑鼠左鍵點擊, 讓小雞揮動翅膀跳起來, 或是按住滑鼠左鍵不放, 讓小雞短短的飛翔一段距離,或是按下滑鼠鍵,讓小雞翻滾攻擊敵人。

Description :

The second part of the addicting game Crest Breakout. Now with new levels that will really put you to the test! Run, jump, collect jewelry stones, overcome obstacles and defeat enemies!

You play a little bird who can fly with the click of the mouse. The aim of the game is to try and collect as many gems as possible while reaching your loved one at the end of each level.

Click the mouse to flap your wings, and hold the left-button down to glide. Try and plan ahead so you don’t end up on the wrong side of any blocks of rock.

Sometimes there will be things like fans and cushions to help you on your way.

Controls :


JUMP - left mouse click
FLY - left mouse hold
ATTACK - right mouse click

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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