Crest Breakout 小雞武士突圍

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Crest Breakout  小雞武士突圍遊戲說明 : Crest Breakout  小雞武士突圍是個益智型的物理類型遊戲,你要運用物理的特性, 以及各種不同的道具,想辦法幫助小雞突破各種難關,爭取到想要的自由,自由落體的小雞要到達自由的門口,還要收集沿路上所有的金蛋, 要完成這樣的動作, 就必須考慮小雞落下的方向, 沿途的障礙物, 同時依靠風扇來改變方向,這樣才能順利得讓小雞一路順利的到達門口。

這是個輕鬆考考腦力的挑戰遊戲,如何快速的由小雞週圍的環境與道具,設計出一條安全快速的逃脫路線,讓小雞能夠安然的脫逃成功,投向自由呢? 這就完全要依靠你的腦筋喔!

Description :

Help a brave chicken regain his freedom in a new puzzle game with fun challenges. He is trapped in a bubble and the road is full of dangerous spikes that can hurt him. Use the fans to guide the little one safely to the exit and try to collect all the golden eggs for a high score.

A little chicken wants freedom! Use the environment to guide him to exit. Arrange objects quickly and collect as much eggs as you can to get the highest score.

Controls :

Use Mouse

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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