Hero Simulator 英雄模擬器

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Hero Simulator 英雄模擬器遊戲說明 : Hero Simulator 英雄模擬器 是個滿有趣的角色扮演養成遊戲,遊戲的背景是 300百年以來,賽得里克這個偉大的英雄一直在保護著這片土地,現在他的兒子 佛卡爾 必須接續他的任務成為這片土地的保護者。

而這個完全的新手英雄,卻是個完全的菜鳥,所有的身體要素以及技能等等,都是最低的等級,你要在這個 Hero Simulator 英雄模擬器中,選擇 新手英雄 佛卡爾 的訓練方針及方向,透過這些選擇以及持續的訓練,讓菜鳥 佛卡爾 得以進升成為像他父親那樣的偉大英雄,持續的照顧這片大地。

Description :

Hero Simulator is an idle-rpg game about little guy Folcard who tries to continue his ancestors craft of being a hero.  It is an online adventure game which you can play for free.

Cedric The Great Hero has been protecting the land for over 300 years. The royal hero's service ends and this is why the kingdom needs a new one. Now his son Folcard needs to take over his role. In Hero Simulator, you help him to get ready for the daunting task that awaits him! Become a real hero.

It's up to you to build up the most powerful warrior in this cool Hero Simulator idle clicker game. Gain gold by clicking on several action buttons, make upgrades and level your hero up. Enjoy and make more fun!

Controls :
Mouse and Explained in-game

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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