Mah Jong Connect - Classic Ancient Shanghai 新上海麻將

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Mah Jong Connect - Classic Ancient Shanghai 新上海麻將遊戲說明 : Mah Jong Connect - Classic Ancient Shanghai 新上海麻將,是個標準的連連看遊戲,跟本站很受歡迎的 Mah Jong Connect 麻將連連看 一樣,試試不同風格的連連看遊戲吧! 這是傳統的上海麻將做成的連連看小遊戲,很受大家的歡迎,熟悉的麻將主題,喜歡挑戰連連看的大家還在等什麼呢?趕緊來試試吧。

Mahjong Connect - Classic Ancient Shanghai New Shanghai Mahjong, is a standard Mahjong Connect games, with the same as our site very popular Mah Jong Connect games. like to try different styles of mahjong connect games. now the traditional Shanghai Mahjong is made! connect game, popular with everyone welcome, familiar mahjong theme, like the challenge connect. What you waiting for ? hurry to try it.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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