Jellydad Hero 果凍爺英雄

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Jellydad Hero 果凍爺英雄遊戲說明 :  Jellydad Hero 果凍爺英雄是個 Platform  平台類型的遊戲,這是個畫面很可愛的遊戲,你要使用鍵盤操作遊戲中藍色的果凍娃娃,目的是找出逃脫的路徑,要注意那些危險物品、壞人、熔岩坑、旋轉葉片和炸彈等等麻煩,你必須想建辦法到達出口的管道,包含移動、跳躍以及收集一些物品,並將物品放到適當的地方,以便通過關卡。


Description :

Help brave Jellydad to save his family from Space Pirates!

Walk and jump using the [arrow] keys, attempting to make your way to the exit in each level. You can manipulate objects on the ship using [spacebar], as well as absorb certain items and place them where they'll be useful. There is the usual menagerie of baddies, lava pits, spinning blades, falling platforms and bombs to avoid or deal with, so watch out. Also, in each level are three gears that can be collected.

Collect enough of these gears, and you'll unlock special bonus levels.


Left, Right - to move
Up - to Jump
Space - to interact

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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