Fruit Slicer 水果切片

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Fruit Slicer 水果切片遊戲說明 : Fruit Slicer 切水果這個遊戲跟知名的水果忍者一樣,都是要把拋到空中的水果切開,不過這個遊戲的水果可以切了又切,只要手快可以把水果切得粉碎,這點與水果忍者有些不同,在切水果的快感之中還是要小心那些炸彈,不要太快把小命送了,遊戲的畫面也很乾淨俐落,用平板或是手機應該會更容易玩吧!

Description :

Fruit are thrown up from the bottom of the screen where you must use your trusty finger slicer to chop the fruit into multiple pieces. You can slice fruit as many times as you want, the more you slice the more points you get. Be careful of the bombs that may be included with the fruit. Slice a bomb and you lose a life. You have 2 minutes on the clock so be quick! Use the computer mouse or your mobile/tablet touch screen to slice the fruit.

Controls :

Mouse / Finger

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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