Jacksmith 鐵匠傑克

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Jacksmith 鐵匠傑克遊戲說明 : Jacksmith 鐵匠傑克是個複合型的經營冒險遊戲,你在這個遊戲終將扮演一個駕著鐵匠舖機動車的鐵匠,任務是駕著這輛車順著道路穿越這片大陸,當然事情肯定沒有這麼簡單,這一路上肯定會有許多的困難以及危險攔阻你的前進,冒險故事都是這樣是發生的,不過在這個遊戲中,你要作的事情 並不是拿起刀劍去把阻攔你的怪物消滅,而是開啟你的鐵匠鋪,運用你高超的技術,打造出各種的神兵利器,裝備當地的戰士,讓他們拿著這些武器去消滅攔路的怪物。



Description :

Man the forge and craft your best weapons for your warriors in Jacksmith! You’re a donkey on a mission that takes you across the land, but the trails are blocked by a variety of monsters — time to call in the local warrior clans for help! You’ll design swords, bows, shields, and other weapons in a completely hands-on blacksmith shop. When all of your soldiers are equipped, it’s off to battle to fight your way further down the path! While the warriors fight, you’ll need to gather loot and help out with your trusty cannon. Collect better ores and parts to make even better weapons, and keep making progress across the land towards the evil wizard Dudley!

Controls :

Use your mouse to choose, pour, hammer, build, and battle. Follow the in-game tutorial for more information.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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