Quantum Of Light 量子光線

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Quantum Of Light 量子光線遊戲說明 : Quantum Of Light 量子光線是個輕鬆而又有相當挑戰性的益智遊戲,遊戲一共有24個等級,玩家要使用滑鼠點擊旋轉遊戲畫面中的反射方塊,引導光子流經由這些反射的角度,成功的到達目標晶體的位置。

Description :

Quantum of Light is a relaxed yet challenging puzzle with 24 levels.
Guide the Photon flows towards the target Crystal in this tranquil educational puzzle. Click/Tap to rotate the in-game tiles and change the angle of rebounding in order to navigate the photon flow properly. With each success you will be rewarded with a piece of knowledge about Electromagnetic Spectrum and the “invisible” for the human eye energies. Complete all 24 levels and open all pages from the Encyclopedia of Light!

Controls :

Mouse Left Click – rotate tiles clockwise
Mouse Right Click – rotates counter clockwise
P – pause game
R – restart game
M – mute audio

Lock tiles by clicking on them while holding the SHIFT key.
Unlock using the same technique or by double clicking.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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