Brave Knights 勇敢的騎士

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Brave Knights 勇敢的騎士遊戲說明 :Brave Knights 勇敢的騎士是個跟有名的 Plants Vs Zombies 植物大戰僵屍 一樣類型的戰略遊戲,王國的國王為了測試王國公主們所有的男朋友(男朋友還真多),要求他們通過各種英勇的戰士測驗,如果它們能夠成功的通過測試,通過的英勇騎士將可以與他所選擇的公主在一起。


Desciption :

The King decides to test all the boyfriends of his daughters. They will go to all the valiant warriors tests, if they can pass these tests they will be with the beautiful princess of his choice. I can draw a parallel with the atmosphere and decor of Shrek. Our good King will then ask all his warriors to stop the knights arrival by instructing them to install attacking towers. So you will prevent access of brave knights to the charming princess using own capacity every turn.

Control :

Use your mouse to build towers. Be fast and quick to react. Each tower has built a limited lifespan. In addition, there are several different types of enemies in the game.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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