UndeadRun 僵屍快跑

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UndeadRun 僵屍快跑是個跑酷類型的冒險射擊遊戲遊戲說明 : UndeadRun 僵屍快跑是個跑酷類型的冒險射擊遊戲,玩家要單槍匹馬(嗯! 沒有馬,一開始只有卡車碾過一路上的僵屍,將玩家帶到入口,接下來只有靠玩家自己了)的闖進到處都是僵屍的城市中,玩家要摧毀一路上阻礙前進的障礙與敵人,找到並消滅掉敵人的大頭目。


Run, shoot and slice enemies in a city crawling with zombies. Fight against the king of the living dead and destroy everything on your path!

Battle on the streets, highways and piers. Use guns, swords and fire to kill zombie hordes. Collect the spoils of war left behind to upgrade your weapons and abilities to become a lethal hero.

***v1.0 IS NOW LIVE!***
Change log:
- Pause button in keyboard has been enabled: P
- Difficulty and powerups have been balanced a little bit.
- Upgrade shop bugs have been fixed.
- Fixed random crash on player death.
- Fixed street color change between stages 1 and 2.

Developer Notes:

-If the game doesn't work, please get the latest flash player or try in another browser.
-To report bugs, troubleshooting and if you experience any problems while saving the game, contact us at support@gamaga.com or at http:/www.gamaga.com/forums/
-If you have any cool and new ideas, contact us at http:/www.gamaga.com/forums/


It is a fast paced game that is extremely easy to play thanks to its basic control scheme -Move your mouse to control the player. -Aiming and weapons are controlled automatically. -P to pause game.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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