Battle of Heroes 英雄之戰

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Battle of Heroes 英雄之戰是個畫面漂亮人物可愛橫捲軸的戰略遊戲遊戲說明 : Battle of Heroes 英雄之戰是個畫面漂亮人物可愛橫捲軸的戰略遊戲,玩家可以選擇扮演太陽帝國的大將軍。帥領帝國的大軍保護公主。並且抵抗邪惡部隊的攻擊,也可以扮演惡魔王子,帶領著惡魔僵司屍大軍攻城掠地。



March your troop as the great general of the Holly Sun Empire to save your princess from the clench of evil, or lead your Great Demon Army as the greatest demon in a quest of fulfilling your Demon prince desire.
The choice is in your hand.


- Play through total of 30 level of epic battle that challenge your battle skill,
- Beautiful graphic and animation.
- 10 different troops each with different skill for different situation.
- Choose from 6 different heroes with different unique skills and game play for each side to lead your troop to the victory.
- Total of 36 Unique Magic spell to help you in battle.


For better experience use Google Chrome to play this game, some Firefox user may experience minor flicker in the animation.
Controls- Click on the lane to choose lane.
- Click on the troop button to summon the troop
(You can do multiple click to train multiple troop).
- Click on the magic button to cast magic.


1 - Select the 1st Lane
2 - Select the 2nd Lane
3 - Select the 3rd Lane
Q - Select Magic Spell level 1
W - Select Magic Spell level 2
E - Select Magic Spell level 3
A - Move Camera to the Left
D - Move Camera to the Right

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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