Cursed Treasure 2 - Hey! Heroes! 被詛咒的寶藏 2

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被詛咒的寶藏 2 - 嗨! 英雄們 離我們的寶石遠點遊戲說明 : Cursed Treasure 被詛咒的寶藏,是個畫面漂亮,同時也相當受歡迎很成功的塔防與守路類型的遊戲系列,第二版新增的許多的關卡,Cursed Treasure 2 - Hey! Heroes! Leave us gems alone! ,被詛咒的寶藏 2 - 嗨! 英雄們 離我們的寶石遠點,與第一代的版本 Cursed Treasure -Donot Touch My Gems 被詛咒的寶藏-別碰我的寶石 相同,玩家必需要保持寶石不被偷走,並且使用沿路建設的防禦高塔,阻止那些成群擁入的盜賊,並且提升經驗值,通過30關強大的關卡。


Description :

Cursed Treasure 2 - Hey! Heroes! is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed tower defense game, Cursed Treasure. Try to complete each mission without letting an enemy touch a gem. Here Defend your gems against basic enemies, champions, and bosses by building towers on tiles of the same color. You're not allowed to build towers on forest tiles, but you can use a spell to cut down forests.

The hordes of good heroes come again. And they are hungry for gems more than ever because The King himself wants the stones for his private needs. Gather the evil forces, build towers, upgrade, drink soda, cast the mighty spells, do whatever you can but don't let them touch your gems! Have fun playing Cursed Treasure 2 - Hey! Heroes! Leave Us Gems Alone!

Controls :


Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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