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[Live WallPaper] Yang The Cat Lite 楊貓 精簡版

如果喜歡這個可愛的小貓動態桌布 可以考慮付費的版本 小貓可以做出不同的設定 或是換不同的可愛造型等等功能 還可以跟可愛的小貓互動.

Browse some of your favorite Cat Live Wallpaper, rose in the rain, move the box game Android apps in this page, which will be instantly available on your Android phone or tablet. People who downloaded and installed Yang The Cat Lite apk also interested in yang the cat, siamese cat lite full, Personalization apps.

Yang The Cat is animated and interactive cat on your home screen!

*Tought Clouds feature and THEMES are available in the full version only.

 **Android 4 users, to enter live wallpaper settings, use Settings shortcut ( little gear icon on top-left corner ) to avoid possible glitch***

 In the FULL version - you can comfort him, he purrs, meows and even sleeps! Change conditions from snowy to fireflies and customize Yang in many ways! Lots of options and

accessories - hats, glasses, necklaces, eye colour and other details to change and combine ( in russian language - Все дополнительные функции только в полной версии ) All art is original and handpainted!

Yang The Cat Live Wallpapaer runs smoothly and doesn't eat your phone's battery!

 Supports all phone sizes except tablets.

★SD-card support ( Androis OS 2.2+ )

★Based on OpenGL ( smooth and effective )

★Quality content ( original artwork )


 *General Help and Hints:

-To open your Live Wallpaper: Home Screen>Menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper

-Sometimes, after an update, it's better to re-install Live Wallpaper

Google Play Link 軟體的連結 :

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