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This is First episode. Totally 40 episodes. Will completed in 2012/3/31. Cooperated with ACADEMIA SINICA. The goal is to development a series of science knowledge animation for children. Through the main character transform into shellfish, to introduce a variety 's of shellfish knowledge.

The story begin on Bubu Bear and his two friends, when they cleaning the dust in the basement , accidentally touched the ancient shells, And release the devil, Devil show them the map of the hidden treasures. Cheat them follow the treasure map to find the Pearls, When Bubu Bear expedition. Found a magic book, The book can make Bubu Bear transform into different shellfish , and have their Features or weapons, using these capabilities to solve problems. And successfully get these Pearls.

of Malacology, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN
WebSite : http://shell.sinica.edu.tw

Bu Bu beae in Lotsbears
WebSite : http://www.lotsbears.com

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