Diggy 挖掘者

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Diggy 挖掘者遊戲說明 : Diggy 挖掘者,是個可愛有趣的遊戲,玩家要在地底下到處挖掘探勘,尋找各種不同的寶藏,並且利用這些到處挖掘而來的財富,升級自己的挖掘設備,這樣的才能挖得更深,也挖得更遠。

玩家要使用滑鼠控制鑽頭挖掘的方向,按下滑鼠左鍵可以發射鑽頭,按住滑鼠左鍵的時間長短,決定挖掘的距離,使用鍵盤上 WASD 鍵控制人物的移動方向,玩家要盡可能的用最短的距離,以及最少的挖掘次數,挖取最多的財富。


Description :

Dig your way to the center of the earth in search for great treasures. Upgrade your equipment to help you along the way.

Help Diggy dig to the center of the earth and find the wandering truffle. Use your mouse to aim Diggy's drill, and click to drill in that direction. Press E to activate Diggy's radar and locate hidden objects, then drill to them and pick them up. When Diggy runs out of energy, use the money you've earned to buy upgrades to Diggy's equipment. Look at the costs and benefits for each upgrade, and buy them strategically. How long will it take you to reach the center?

Controls :

Use your MOUSE to dig, WASD or Arrow Keys to move. [E] to use radar

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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