The Treasures of Montezuma 3 蒙特祖瑪的寶藏3

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遊戲說明 : 匹配令牌即可解鎖蒙特祖瑪的寶藏3 中難以置信的財富!蒙特祖瑪的寶藏3 擁有的關卡超過200 個,驚人的視覺效果、振奮人心的音效以及到達了休閒遊​​戲美工之巔的出色背景,是組合消除遊戲迷絕對不容錯過的遊戲!

蒙特祖瑪的寶藏3 將挑戰你的技巧,你需要努力在一分鐘內盡可能多地獲得點數。魔法圖騰回


Unlock the incredible riches of an ancient civilization in The Treasures of Montezuma 3, a FREE journey through a jungle temple.

Standing before you are five treasure rooms holding the most unimaginable riches. Enter and complete their daunting challenges with help from ancient artifacts and magical totems. Beware of dangers that lie within however because one wrong move, and you may be sealed there for eternity.

Play amazing levels and extra Puzzle levels while attempting to retrieve the fabulous treasures. Match colorful tokens to obtain the necessary amounts required to unlock the chests and with each successful attempt, you'll earn stars to acquire helpful power-ups. Watch magical totems come to life, invent unique strategies for using them effectively, and see your wealth escalate.

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