Treasures of the Mystic Sea 神祕海寶藏

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遊戲說明 : Treasures of the Mystic Sea 神祕海寶藏是個寶石方塊類型的消消樂遊戲, 大多數寶石方塊類型的遊戲都是一樣三個以上的方塊就可以消去的遊戲模式 , 通常都是直線或是橫線的排列 ,不過這個遊戲使用了六角型的格子模式 , 這使得玩家可以由不同的角度將方塊排列起來並消去 , 讓遊戲增加了更多的樂趣 ,也更考驗玩家的眼力了.

Description :

Spend a fun time on the banks of the Mystic Sea! It is a journey through the Mystic Sea which will enchant you with its puzzles and mysteries.

Find the legendary treasures and get the unique rewards for feats and accomplishments.
Bejeweled type games are everywhere and seemingly done everything. You have the original Bejeweled games, Bejeweled blitz, knock off Bejeweled games, and every theme imaginable. Is there room for a true breakthrough in this franchised genre? I think Treasures of the Mystic Sea accomplish this.

Whereas in most Bejeweled type games you group three like objects but in essentially linear or square lines. Treasures of the Mystic Sea expands the possibilities of matching by creating hexagonal objects so you then have six lines of contacts to match as well as this creates...interesting game dynamics. I like this change a lot, however it does add some other consequences to gameplay. Basically makes it a lot harder. And only does this because there is a timer, which moves very fast, on every level.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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