Youda Farmer 3 Seasons 尤達 農場生涯 3 四季風情

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遊戲說明 : 你能成功的挽救 在酷寒冬天冰天雪地裡被暴風雪摧毀的小鎮嗎 這是一個時間管理類型的農產經營遊戲 遊戲一開始 玩家由森林砍木材開始 收集足夠的木材建立起牧場 然後逐漸的將小鎮中被暴風雪摧毀建築與商店一一的修復起來 修復好開始營業的商店 會向你的牧場訂購新的商品 活絡整個小鎮的經濟 玩家使用滑鼠 選擇要操作的項目 拖拉木材 牛奶等產品到木箱中 等待載貨的卡車運送到需要的地方

Description  :

Help the village through a rainy day
Fight the seasonal weather conditions as you harvest and process farm products to rebuild and resupply the entire village after a horribly destructive winter storm.


Cold winters, bug-ridden springs and hot summers will put your farming skills to the ultimate test. Build new farms and shops to handle all the takeaway orders and buy tools in the pawnshop to improve your workflow.

Save up to build your very own Hotel and serve hungry guests your finest dishes. Eventually show off your farming abilities in different challenges during the annual Country Fair.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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I like tɦis site - its so ᥙsefull and helpfull.
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